Missouri / Kansas Bankruptcy Overview

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which a person can get a fresh financial start. Your right to file for bankruptcy is provided by Federal Law.

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Bankruptcy is about starting over; contact William Voorhies today for your new start!

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Bankruptcy - An Overview

Even the hardest workers and the most diligent bill-payers can find themselves with more debts than they can pay as they become due. In such cases, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem. If you or someone you know is facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Once considered a last resort, bankruptcy has evolved into an accepted method of resolving serious financial problems. The bankruptcy lawyer's goals are to help debtors make a fresh start and ensure that creditors get paid. A skillful attorney can guide you through the complicated legal maze of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law is primarily federal in origin and therefore varies little from state to state. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the power to establish uniform bankruptcy laws throughout the United States, which ensures consistency and predictability in how bankruptcy proceedings are conducted. The individual states do, however, retain jurisdiction over certain debtor-creditor issues that are not addressed by and do not conflict with federal bankruptcy law, such as which property remains exempt from creditors' claims.

Commercial and Consumer Bankruptcy

Both businesses and individuals may file for bankruptcy. Commercial bankruptcy is a remedy available to businesses that are unable to pay their debts. Options include liquidation, in which many of the business's assets are sold and the proceeds are divided among the creditors, and reorganization or restructuring, in which the business continues to operate according to a plan that allows for at least partial payment to creditors. Consumer bankruptcy, by contrast, is a method by which individuals may be able to get out from under insurmountable debt and make a fresh start, albeit with a negative impact on their credit ratings. As in commercial bankruptcy, there are two options: liquidating assets to pay off creditors, and filing a wage-earner plan that allows the debtor to retain more assets while working to pay off his or her debts. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you choose the right course of action for your particular situation.


Lawyers specializing in bankruptcy law can help both debtors and creditors overcome obstacles to the repayment of debt. Their expertise often extends beyond bankruptcy to include debt repayment and collection options that can circumvent the need for a bankruptcy filing. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to help their clients get out from under formidable debt and emerge as productive citizens, and can also assist their creditor clients in collecting what is rightfully theirs

Bankruptcy is about starting over; contact William Voorhies today for your new start!